A report on ambient air quality & noise levels during Deepawali 2013

In order to assess the problem of rising air and noise pollution produced by firework during Deepawali festival, Central Pollution Control Board has conducted Ambient Noise and Air Quality Monitoring on Normal Day (October 29th, 2013) and Deepawali Day (November 03rd, 2013) at Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata, Bangaluru, Bhopal, Shillong and Vadodara. Monitoring carried out at various places covering various zones (viz. Commercial, Residential & Silence). All SPCB’s PCB/s were also requested to conduct the similar monitoring at their state HQs & cities. Objectives: To determine present Air Quality status and trends during Deepawali festival; To monitor the ambient noise levels for normal and Deepawali day from 18.00 Hrs to 24.00 Hrs at various locations in different cities; To determine the trends and variations of noise levels at various areas of the cities in different land uses; and To create awareness about air and noise pollution through availability of scientific monitoring data.

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