Biodiversity for sustainable development: delivering results for Asia and the Pacific

The countries of the Asia Pacific region are rising to the task of harnessing the positive opportunities provided by biodiversity and natural ecosystems, as catalysts for sustainable development. In recognizing the real value of biodiversity and ecosystems – in relation to secure livelihoods, food, water and health, enhanced resilience, conservation of threatened species and their habitats, and increased carbon storage and sequestration – they, together with the GEF and the UNDP, are drawing on the potential of nature to achieve multiple development dividends. UNDP and GEF are thus delighted to present this publication – “Biodiversity for Sustainable Development: Delivering Results for Asia and the Pacific” – which showcases the ground-breaking work that has taken place in recent years in this vast and disparate region to conserve land, water and ocean resources while adapting to climate change, enhancing local capacity, and generating sustainable livelihoods. The publication highlights case studies and examples of initiatives, from the eastern tip of Asia to the far reaches of the Pacific Ocean, which have expanded and strengthened protected areas, integrated biodiversity and ecosystem management into key economic sectors including tourism, agriculture and fisheries, and supported ecosystem-based adaptation to, and mitigation of, climate change. This work has been reinforced by initiatives focusing on access to clean and affordable energy and improved energy efficiency, empowering women, and ensuring effective risk management and resilience building.