Question raised in Lok Sabha on construction/renovation of dams, 13/08/2015

Question raised in Lok Sabha on construction/renovation of dams, 13/08/2015. Central water Commission (CWC) under this ministry maintains ‘National Register of Large Dams (NRLD)’. As per NRLD, there are 4857 completed and 314 under construction large dams in the country. The state-wise/river-wise list of large dams completed and under construction is at Annexure-I & II respectively. The number of major & medium projects, which have been considered and accepted by the Advisory Committee of Ministry of Water Resources, River development & Ganga Rejuvenation during 11th plan and 12th plan period are 200 and 46 respectively and are at Annexure- III and Annexure- IV respectively. 32 new major, medium & multipurpose project proposals and 14 Revised Cost Estimate proposals have been received from State Governments during the current Plan period, which are under various stages of appraisal [Annexure- V (a) & Annexure- V (b) respectively]. The list of project proposals received during current Plan period, which have been returned to the State Government due to non submission of Statutory Clearances/ Compliance on the Observations of CWC, in time and in accordance with the Guidelines is at Annexure- VI. State-wise name of dams included under Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (DRIP) is given as Annexure-VII.