The State of World Population 2017

The UN Population Fund (UNFPA) has released the 2017 edition of its State of World Population report that discusses gender inequality and inequalities in realizing sexual and reproductive health and rights. The report warns that these inequalities could undermine the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on ending poverty, eliminating preventable deaths and achieving sustainability. Sub-titled ‘Worlds Apart: Reproductive Health and Rights in an Age of Inequality,’ the report outlines 10 actions countries can take on the path towards equality. It also discusses inequality in health and rights, the intersection of inequalities in women’s health and rights and economic inequality, the costs of inequality and reaching the furthest behind first to make progress on equality. The report notes that inequality should be understood not only in terms of distribution of wealth or income but also as a complex phenomenon, involving diverse forms of disparity between the sexes, between races and ethnicities, and between urban and rural residents. Gender inequality, and inequalities in realizing sexual and reproductive health and rights are two critical dimensions of the phenomenon, according to the report.

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