Statewise and item-wise estimates of value of output from agriculture and allied sectors (2011-12 to 2015-16)

In the course of analysis and preparation of estimates of income originating from agriculture in the Central Statistical Office, a large body of data has been generated over the years which will be useful to research workers, government departments and other agencies. It has not been possible to include all these details in the National Accounts Statistics. A need has been felt for a publication which gives a long time series of data on gross value of output both at current and constant prices in one place. With this end in view, CSO has embarked upon preparing a brochure on “State-wise and Item-wise Estimates of Value of Output from Agriculture and Allied Sectors(2011-12 to 2015-16) with Base Year 2011-12” presenting information on Gross Value of Output of Agriculture and Allied Sectors for the years 2011-12 to 2015-16 both at current and constant prices.