Methods and guidance to support MRV of livestock emissions: methods for data collection, analysis and summary results from a pilot baseline survey for the Kenya dairy NAMA

There is increasing interest in mitigation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the dairy sector in developing countries. However, there is little prior experience with measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) of GHG emissions and emission reductions. A voluntary carbon market methodology, the Smallholder Dairy Methodology, has proposed a methodology for establishing a standardized performance baseline for a region targeted by a GHG mitigation initiative. This working paper reports the first experience of implementing a survey and analyzing survey data to establish a standardized performance baseline using survey data from central Kenya, which is a region targeted by the Kenya dairy NAMA promoted by the Government of Kenya. The publication of this report enables transparent documentation of the baseline setting process for the Kenya dairy NAMA. Data from the survey were also used to characterize dairy production in the intensive production system in Kenya’s Tier 2 GHG inventory for dairy cattle. Publication of the survey data also supports transparency of Kenya’s Tier 2 GHG inventory.