India state of forest report 2019: Volume II

ISFR 2019 presents the results of forest cover mapping with a refined methodology, though consistent with the past assessments. A manual for forest cover mapping has been prepared for the first time. Similarly, it is the first presentation of estimates from the new grid based forest inventory design adopted by FSI in 2016 with higher sampling intensity and precision. Several new studies have been undertaken like assessment of biodiversity in the country’s forests, assessment of people’s dependence on forests for fuel wood, fodder, small timber and bamboo, forest cover on slopes and wetlands in forests. New set of information from forest inventory on invasive species, important NTFPs, dia-class distribution of important forest species in each State has further enriched the primary database on forests of the country for formulation of policies, strategies and sustainable management of forest resources. Improvement in forest fire alert system and the mapping of fire prone areas have equipped the States to better manage and control forest fires. Forest carbon estimates of each State & UT and the country as a whole have been calculated with higher sampling intensity and an analysis has been done for evaluating possibilities to achieve the NDC target of creating additional sink of 2.5 to 3 billion tonnes of CO2eq through additional forest & tree cover in the country by 2030.

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