Three hundred and ninth report on electric & hybrid mobility: prospects and challenges in automobile industry

The Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Industry presented its 309th Report on “Electric & Hybrid Mobility – Prospects And Challenges in Automobile Industry”, pertaining to Ministry of Heavy Industries to the Parliament on 6th December, 2021. The Committee notes that India being the fifth largest automobile market in the world, imports crude oil from outside to cover 80% of its transport fossil fuel, thereby draining public exchequer and also increasing pollution from traditional Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles is at alarming levels. The Committee further notes that India’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Ecosystem is still at a nascent stage, as compared to several other countries in the world. Therefore, the need of the hour is to scale up the transition process to electric mobility. The Committee welcomes the decision taken by the Govt. of India to switch over to Hybrid & Electric Vehicles to tackle the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) (CO2) emissions from transport sector, helping to reduce crude oil import and also be in line with the latest global technology.

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