Report on water neutrality for Indian Industry: standardization of the definition and approach

Industry over the years has been undertaking measures to improve their water usage towards attaining water neutrality. An overall framework that defines approach towards attaining neutrality is necessary such that a common understanding of “Water Neutrality” is developed ensuring its uniformity in terms of measurement, benchmarking, evaluation and best practices. The document attempts to bring out a standard definition and approach for water neutrality/positivity status based on defining key principles on which water neutrality should be based. It holds immense importance to draw meaningful comparisons, enable learning from available good practices that can be replicable and scalable. It is envisaged that the standardized definition, approach, and principles put forth, will benefit the industry immensely. It will also help in extending and evolving this approach to other sectors/areas of the economy such as for towns, and cities for a secured water future.