India air quality profile 2010

India air quality profile 2010

This draft of the India Air Quality Profile 2010 prepared by Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities presents state of air quality in the Indian cities and focuses on the role of stakeholders and legal framework for air quality management system.

Air pollution levels in the megacities of Asia show a stabilizing trend but still exceed World Health Organization guidelines. Studies also show poor air quality, not only in the megacities of Asia, but also in smaller cities with populations of 150,000 to 1.5 million. While megacities often receive support for improving air quality; similar assistance seldom reaches smaller cities. The India Air Quality Profile provides background information and findings on the: State of the Air - What is the air quality in cities? Which of the cities in the country are experiencing air pollution challenges or will soon enter into this situation?; Legal framework for air quality management - What is the air quality management system in place in cities? What is the legal framework for air quality management in the country and in cities? What power and resources are available to cities to develop and implement clean air action plans?; and Stakeholders - Do stakeholders take an active part in air quality management for cities? How do cities engage stakeholders in air quality management?.

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