Linking ground experience with CDM data in the cement sector in India

IGES (Institute for Global Environmental Strategies), in corporation with TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute), started CDM capacity building activities in India in 2003, one of which is conducting consultations with project proponents in the cement sector to assist in their project development. At the same time, IGES and TERI have tried to identify particular issues and challenges currently faced by project proponents. This paper, which was developed by IGES and TERI, is thus aimed at supporting project proponents, and lays out the most recent information, issues and challenges in the cement sector identified through their capacity-building activities, as well as proposals to enhance CDM project development. The first part of this paper provides  background information of the cement sector; the cement market, energy efficiency in the production process and CO2 emission source/reducing measures. The second part explains the status of CDM projects in the cement sector based on the IGES CDM Project
Database, including registration, CER issuance and monitoring methodology. Based on these findings, in the last part, proposals are provided for improving CDM project implementation.