Organic agriculture in Himachal Pradesh

As part of their subsistent farming operations farmers in Himachal Pradesh have been traditionally dependent on organic ways of farming. Consequently, the farming communities in low hills, valleys and high mountains alike still maintain a rich pool of indigenous technological knowledge of organic agriculture practices.  Under this backdrop, over the past one decade, individual farmers, farmers groups, department of agriculture and the agriculture and  horticulture Universities of the State have been engaged in some efforts towards organic agriculture. The impact of efforts of these
years by the farmers and institutions/ agencies is reflected in the number of schemes of Department of Agriculture and other line agencies for promoting organic agriculture practices, advocacy programmes on organic farming run by KVKs and organic agriculture
research programme started by the Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishvavidyalya (CSK HPKV).  To help Himachal farmers benefit from full potentials of organic agriculture, the State will have to have a clear vision and a well defined mission with strategies for developing organic agriculture in Himachal Pradesh.


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