Environment statistics of Nepal 2013

Environment is a multi-disciplinary topics directly related to the nature, human being and their activities. Concerns have been growing widely about changing environment and its impact upon the lives of the earth. In fact, areas of most researchers and efforts of most scientists are being concentrated towards environment in one way or the other. Accordingly, priority of the Government of Nepal has also been focused towards environment, be that in the name of "the Climate Change" or "Conservation" or " the quality of life of the people". Therefore, Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), in the context of the increasing demand for environment related data, has been attempting to bring out special publication since decades and the present edition "Environment Statistics of Nepal 2013" is the eighths in the series. This is an update to the previous edition and has compiled data based on the classification of the United Nations Framework for the Development of Environment Statistics 1995 (UNFDES,1995) covering topics on economic issues, social and demographic issues, air and climate, land and soil, water, other natural resources, waste, human settlements and natural disasters.

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