Poverty eradication: access to land, access to food

Poverty Eradication: Access to Land, Access to Food focuses on the urgent challenge of ending poverty and hunger, issues that are central both to Expo2015, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, and to implementing the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals. It brings together the lectures of distinguished scholars, professionals and experts given at the International Summer School held in September 2014 at ASERI. Sara Balestri and Simona Beretta, editors of this e-book, intend to offer to a larger audience the same opportunity of learning about interdisciplinary aspects of fighting poverty and hunger, and about agency for recognizing, affirming and defending human dignity. In a world where we observe the paradox of rural hunger, the sustainable growth of agriculture should be a priority for the international development agenda. Ending poverty and hunger requires realizing an equitable access to land, and the adoption of inclusive production models specifically targeted to small farmers and women. Their work is both source and expression of their human dignity; this same work can make access to food more secure both for farmers themselves, and for the communities that live in.

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