Trends in global CO2 emissions: 2015 report

In 2014, the growth in global CO2 emissions from fossil fuel use and cement production slowed down to only 0.5% compared to 2013, while the world’s economy grew by 3%, showing a partial decoupling of CO2 emissions and economic growth. China and the United States increased their emissions by 0.9%. In the European Union, CO2 emissions decreased by an unprecedented 5.4%, while India’s emissions increased strongly, by 7.8%. Together these four countries/regions account for 61% of total emissions from fossil fuel use and industrial processes. For the first time since 1998, per capita primary energy consumption decreased in 2014. These are some of the main conclusions from the annual report ‘Trends in global CO2 emissions’ by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (EC-JRC). The report presents the outcomes of the joint JRC/PBL Emissions Database for Global Atmospheric Research (EDGAR) version 4.3 and preliminary estimates based on the latest statistics on energy use, including the recent revision of coal statistics in China, and other statistics.

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