Why the automobile has no future: a global impact analysis

The car industry is on a collision course with action on climate climate change, said Greenpeace Germany transport expert, Andree Böhling. The transport sector will soon have to do without oil. Only manufacturers that rapidly switch to developing clean and efficient alternatives will survive this transition. A new study by British transport expert Robin Hickman, commissioned by Greenpeace Germany, examines the ecological and social impact of private cars running on combustion engine. The report titled, “Why the Automobile Has No Future“ outlines how private petrol and diesel cars - and the massive infrastructure they require - emit too much CO2 and waste that exceed the planet’s boundaries and cause thousands of premature deaths - from accidents to pollution - every single day. Amidst a growing number of announcements from governments banning the sales of new fossil fuel powered cars by 2025-2040, many traditional car makers refuse to embrace the change.

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